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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Epilogue
Two Years Later…
Shadow stood at the end of the aisle, dressed in an all-white tuxedo. As he waited, he watched as his friends sat and spoke among themselves. He didn't allow his nerves to show on his face, but he knew that that would all change once he saw her.
The G.U.N. agent took deep breaths to calm himself. He glanced over at his friends for support. Chris and Jack, who was standing next to him at the moment, each gave him a small grin. He smiled in thanks, and when he turned his head back around to the aisle, he was faced with the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.
Maria's long golden hair fell in loose curls down her back, the shorter parts in the front hanging just above her shoulders. Her veil mostly covered her face, but Shadow could tell that she had little to no makeup on, as not to ruin her already lovely face. Her dress was amazing. Rouge had outdone herself this time. The skirt fell to the ground in a waterfall of white ruffle
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Chapter 16
Chapter 16
Home for the Holidays
At last, the bright light settled. The natural light of Mata Nui's morning star shone in the skies once more. Sonic and the gang, now fully restored, looked around. Takanuva was there as well.
Chris and Bunnie looked at their bodies. Their cybernetics were gone. They were pure flesh and blood once more.
"Where are we? What happened?" asked Amy.
"Is this because of Lucifer?" Sonic added.
They all looked around. The floating islands and crystal cities were full of Kendov flying around, celebrating. "Lucifer mahlaan!" they shouted repeatedly.
"Lot vokul qahnaraan!" Tahu shouted.
"Jul Kendov los ok vokullakriid!" Gali added.
"Lucifer suleuk los nahlot!" cried Lewa.
"Mu los vomir!" uttered Pohatu.
Ekimu flew in and landed before his brother. "It is done. Lucifer viik. The great evil has fallen. He who came before all others and has always been."
Chris spoke after that. "What about Shadow and Maria? Are they...?"
"Look!" Cream pointed up.
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 -Chapter 15
Chapter 15
The ARK Angels
There he stood… a new beacon of light for Mata Nui. A flame of hope for Earth. A newly awakened savior for all of Mundus. Coursing within him, a power not yet explained. A power that resurrected him in a matter of seconds. None knew where it came from.
Lucifer, however, was not ready to give up just yet. Using his own power, he tried to blast him and the blonde hedgehog to Oblivion once more. But Archangel Shadow's new power held strong and reflected the attack far into the distance. Now, Lucifer was filled with both fear and rage simultaneously. "How is this possible?! You have no power!"
"Deny it all you want, Lucifer. You may have the power of all the Spirit Stones in the universe, but I carry within me the True Power of the Great Spirit! Today, your reign of tyranny will end!" Shadow lunged toward the immortal monster, his sword at the ready.
For the briefest instant, the Accuser's eyes seem to widen in shock, but a sudden flare cons
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Chapter 14
Chapter 14
The End of All Things
When the dark storm ended, Maria stood and looked around. Everywhere but a small area around her feet had been scorched, and darkness fell upon the earth. It was as though a great explosion had occurred.
What struck her hardest was what happened to those around her. Almost all of the Kendov had been turned to stone. And if that wasn't enough, all mortals she saw: Sonic, Chris, her family and friends... everybody had transformed. They were all now monstrous Dark Hunters.
They looked up to see Lucifer hovering above what looked like a statue. "This body lacks its full potential, but that will change when I acquire the Spirit Stones and conquer all." he hissed.
"You really are the great evil!" Maria uttered. "Lucifer, this isn't fair!"
"FAIR?!" roared Lucifer. "I'll tell you what's unfair: I was once the most powerful, the most beautiful, the most superior being of all the Great Spirit's creation. Many saw me as t
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2 Part 2 Chapter 13
Chapter 13
A Hero's Fall, A Devil's Rise
The Roboticizer began to surge into Maria's body. Super Shadow and the others tried to break her out before it was too late, but it was no use. Even Chaos Spear was not strong enough to penetrate the machine. Eggman laughed maniacally. It was to be his greatest triumph against their morale.
But then the machine started smoking and sparking. This surprised the evil scientist. "What's going on?!" He shouted. "This shouldn't be happening!"
"I don't know," Orbot told him. "Something inside of her is overloading the machine!"
"No! Turn it off! Turn it off! Quick!"
But Eggman was too late. The machine smoked and sparked more and more. Soon, it was too much. The Roboticizer blew itself apart, sending pieces flying all over the room. Maria fell to the floor. The Roboticizer didn't change her at all, but she was in pain.
Suddenly, they felt as though they were falling. They looked out the window to see clouds flying up. Cubot looked at t
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2 - Part 2 - Chapter 12
Chapter 12
The Fight before Christmas
Eggman and Makuta stood at a throne they 'borrowed' from England. They watched as robots and Dark Hunters gathered for the coronation ceremony. Orbot and Cubot swept the red carpet that stood between the door and the two evil tyrants.
In a short moment, that door opened. There stood Maria and Eclipse standing side by side. They slowly approached the old man and dark Kendov. The Dark Hunters on both end of the carpet each held out a sword for them. Each one lifted theirs as they passed under.
Once they got to the end, Eggman stood before them and cleared his throat. "Ladies and gentlemen," he began, "today, we are gathered to see the next generation assume the throne and become ruler of the Eggman Empire!"
Maria shrugged. "Let's get this over with…"
"Certainly her highness is not opposed to becoming a queen, hmmm?" Eclipse pointed out. Maria kept silent after that. She didn't want to be queen, but it was the only thing keeping
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Shadow The Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Chapter 11
Chapter 11
It Was…
The Freedom Fighters were still stuck in the Egg Vineyard. Many have tried to break free of the technological prison, but none prevailed. It felt especially worse for Shadow. For the past few days, he had been forced to watch as Maria had suffered because of Eggman. Seeing her cry herself to slumber and not be able to comfort her brought tears to his eyes as well. Most nights, he couldn't find the ease to sleep at all.
It was early Christmas morning, and Shadow's eyes were closed. He had just barely began to fall asleep. Suddenly, he heard a voice he never heard before. "Shadow..."
"Huh? Wha...? Who said that?" He looked around to see if Sonic or Chris or somebody was up. But everyone he saw was asleep. "Hm... Must be hearing things..."
But he spoke too soon. "Shadow..." the voice repeated.
The coal hedgehog looked around again. "Who's there?" he asked. "And how do you know I'm Shadow? Do you work for Makuta?"
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Confessions of a G.U.N. Spy
As the next few weeks flew by, the world became more under Eggman's thumb than ever before. Between capturing the Freedom Fighters, using Shadow as his prime energy source, and sending the Dark Hunters across the nations, concurring the planet became far easier. A large portion of the G.U.N. tried to settle the oncoming alienated invaders, but it didn't prevail.
Maria, it seemed, had the worst experience of them all. She was forced to send the horde out herself. And if she didn't, Eggman would extract more Chaos energy from Shadow and a few others. Knowing they were the only ones who could stop them, she had to do as told in order to keep them alive long enough for them to find a way to escape. And each night, she was so upset from all the wrong she had caused, she would almost always cry herself to sleep.
It was the morning before Christmas Day, and a very special one for a certain evil dictator… When he got to the door, he
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Chapter 9
Chapter 9
The Egg-pire Strikes Back
The moon was full and almost all the stores were closed. The streets of Knothole surrounded them with silence as they walked down the empty path. Neither one of them spoke, but that didn't matter, as long they were together.
Maria had never been so happy before. It was by far the best night of her life. Dinner and a dance were very fun. But for Shadow to sing just for her… was the most special thing he had ever done for her.
The rest of the world journey almost didn't matter to her. She even almost forgot about Christmas coming in less than a month. All she could think of was how much she loved him. She really wanted to be more than friends with him more than anything, and after tonight she might have a shot.
"Nothing starts until you take action..."
"You're his best friend, and you're super cute. Shadow's the lucky one."
"Unless your willing to take a chance, you'll risk losing him to ano
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Chapter 8
Chapter 8
The Gift
Maria walked toward the doorway to Professor Andersen's work-space. It was only a short time before Shadow's big birthday celebration, and she was hoping to get back in time for the presents. They still had to prepare for her "big surprise."
At the door, she walked halfway in and turned around. She scanned to see if anybody, namely Shadow, followed. Seeing that the coast was clear, she closed the door. "It's almost time. Is everything ready, Professor?" She turned around to see that Professor Andersen wasn't where she expected her to be, but someone else. "Grandfather! What're you doing here?"
Gerald sat at a table, his face buried in a book. Then he looked up at his granddaughter. "Come here, Maria," he said, "but don't sit down. This won't take long."
The human girl slowly stepped in. As she approached him, she couldn't help but look at her. For some reason, he seemed unusual. It was almost like he was a different person.
When she
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2: Part 2 - Chapter 7
Chapter 7
The Hidden Temple
"Cubot? Cubot, where are you?" Orbot moved through one of the halls, searching for his edged counterpart. Eggman charged the two to clean up the mess that Espio made earlier. But only Orbot was present at that time. Cubot had gone missing.
He noticed an open door to his left and saw the lights within were shut off. The rounded robot ducked under the open door and looked around. "Cubot, are you in here?" He kicked on his optic flashlights and looked around. It seemed to be that there was nothing in there.
But then, something fell from the ceiling. It was a splotch of oil. "My word…" He looked up. Above him was an overhead door with its opening rope left dangling. Orbot pulled the rope and opened the hatch. Several things fell as Orbot shielded himself with his arms. He looked down and one of the objects nearly scared him to the point of it frying his circuits.
Cubot's head.
Meanwhile, in another part of the Death Egg, Makuta and Eclipse
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2 : Part 2 - Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Scourge of the Night
Later that same evening, Shadow made his way down a marketplace. He heard from Nicole that it was the fastest way to get to Sonic's house. Surprisingly, a few of the stores were still open.
All the while, Shadow thought of how he should tell her about this. It seemed to be on the same level with him confessing his feelings for her, which he never succeeded in. He rubbed his eyelids, frustrated with himself.
Suddenly, the coal Mobian bumped into someone... Rotor the Walrus. "Oh, sorry. I didn't see you coming."
"That's alright. I-!" Then the walrus saw who he bumped into. "Oh, hey... You're Shadow, right? What brings you to this side of town?"
"I was just passing through. I need to see someone in the neighborhood ahead."
"You mean Mariah? Or was it Maria?"
The coal hedgehog chuckled. "You can call her Angel if you want. A number of her friends do."
"Well, it's getting close to Christmas. Maybe you should get something for her if you haven'
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2 Part 2 Chapter 5
Chapter 5
The Warning
It was a dark and cold night. A light blizzard slowly began to sweep over the city. Two figures wearing hooded robes forged through the white storm. Soon, they found it… a bar where they would meet their rendezvous.
The shorter one knocked on the door. A smaller sliding door opened on it, and two eyes peered through. "Password?" asked a rusty voice.
"Doom and gloom," the taller one replied in a dark tone. The being opened the door from his side and allowed the two to enter. They scanned the room to see if they would find anything suspicious. But the bar was nothing but. From the seedy atmosphere to the menacing eyes of patrons within.
The bar was frequented by Mobians and Robians, both partial and full. None of them defected into the Kingdom of Knothole. Instead, they keep to themselves, not wanting to be involved, hoping the evil despot will not notice them.
Soon, they find their contact… another hooded robe in a booth in the far corn
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2 - Part 2 - Chapter 4
Chapter 4
My Daddy, Unit One
Later, the hedgehog brought their newest member to their home. Sonic carried a sleeping Muttski in his arms. Once they got there, Sonic yawned. "If it's all the same with you guys, I think Muttski and I gonna turn in for the night," he said and left for his room.
His mother directed Maria to a nearby door, and she followed. Inside was a small cozy bedroom with a celestial bed that dominated the room and a small bathroom. It had an old fashioned touch, and everything was new and well kept. "I'll need to speak with Nicole about making your room tomorrow. Until then, you can have the guest room, okay?" the purple hedgehog asked in a motherly tone.
"This'll do. Thank you," replied Maria.
As the two unpacked her luggage, Bernadette found something at the bottom of Maria's bag. It was a yellow cat toy with a blue bow. She turned to the blonde hedgehog curiously. "Not to lecture you or anything, but aren't you a little old to have these kinds of t
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2 Part 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Total Eclipse
Shadow slowly got up. He wasn't in pain, not anymore, but he was being cautious. He thought it was just an irrational sensation at first, but he was wrong. "I take it you're the new Black Arm hive mind…" Shadow growled.
The Black Arm chuckled. "Me? No, nothing so lofty. Think of me as… the first lieutenant."
"Then listen closely, 'lieutenant.' Go away, and leave us in peace."
"Was Black Doom given that same warning when he first came here? Did you let him leave this world with his life? You'll understand if I'm not inclined to respect your wish."
"I know him the same way you do, brother. We were created the exact same way, you and I. The only real difference is I am pure-blood."
"That's impossible," Shadow replied out of denial, "The Black Arms were defeated years ago. I carried this out myself."
"Do you seriously believe Black Doom played all the cards in his hand?"
Shadow was puzzled. He didn't know what to think. It
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Shadow the Hedgehog 2 part 2 - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
New Knothole
About a half-hour later, the Freedom Fighters made their way out of the forest. Sally then told the others that they would arrive at the city in a few short seconds, and she and Sonic continued down the path, his arm around her. His sister sighed quietly, watching them. 'I wonder if Shadow will ever see me as more than a friend, like them?' she thought, and she glanced at the black one, who noticed her actions.
"Is something wrong?" Shadow asked.
"Oh! Uh, no... It's nothing," Maria replied.
The G.U.N. agent was not convinced. He knew she was terrible at lying. Assuming she didn't want to talk about it, he decided to leave it at that.
After passing through some large bushes, Sally turned to the rest. "Everyone, welcome to New Knothole!"
Once they got into the city, a small Mobian girl noticed them. She looked to the crowd… "Hey, everybody! The Freedom Fighters are back!" she called out. The crowd of Mobians looked in the girl's direction. Se
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